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Lyndsay is the newest member of the HR Atlantic team. She provides high-level research and writing to solve client problems in a timely and effective manner.

Lyndsay is building skills in labour relations, facilitation, and workplace assessments and investigations.

Lyndsay received her law degree from Dalhousie University after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Psychology and English, from the University of Prince Edward Island. Lyndsay completed a Health Law and Policy Specialization with her law degree. While studying law, Lyndsay volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada, as well as mentored first year students.

Lyndsay’s legal background allows her a solid framework to identify and resolve client issues. Lyndsay has been employed in the public, private and the non-for-profit sectors. This gives her an appreciation for the reality of diverse workplaces, and allows her to relate to clients from varying perspectives. Lyndsay enjoys practicing yoga, hiking and reading.