We are pleased to have returned to our "new normal" with our staff working both from our office and remote. We are welcoming clients into our office in a manner that meets Provincial health and safety standards.

Carol is the coaching and board governance lead at HR Atlantic, and uses her extensive experience to maximize the potential of her clients.

Carol Gabanna


As the coaching and training expert at HR Atlantic, Carol incorporates her diverse experience into interactive learning for her clients. As a Professional Certified Coach(PCC), she works with leaders, managers and coaches to navigate a challenging conversation, manage change, plot a career path, solve a sticky problem or develop professional skills.

Carol has a deep interest that boards work better – that board members’ time and wisdom is maximized, that organizations are governed well and that boards and CEOs are accountable. She consults with board and CEOs to teach them the Policy Governance® model and coach them in using it.

Carol is always looking for new ideas and tools to incorporate into training and leadership development. For her, it’s about finding new processes and new ways of thinking to best support and challenge individual clients, boards and organization. Carol is gifted at making the complex simple, engaging people quickly, and understanding her client’s world.

When is Carol is not working she can usually be found cooking, reading or knitting.


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