As Senior Counsel for HR Atlantic, Patsy is sought after for her extensive field experience as well as her acute and effective means of connecting quickly and deeply with clients.

Patsy MacLean, K.C.

Senior Counsel

Patsy has a deep history in the healthcare and judicial systems with over 35 years’ experience. A primary facet of her work in either field is the underlying care for the people with whom she works. In addition to her robust education and experience in health care and the law, Patsy connects quickly and adeptly with clients, and has the ability to create a safe space for clients during what can be challenging and difficult scenarios. Patsy is experienced in being a neutral party in workplace investigations, providing fair and focused counsel for clients. Patsy remains actively engaged providing mentoring support and wise counsel to HR Atlantic partners, associates and clients.

In addition to her law and nursing degrees, Patsy has a host of training in alternative dispute resolution, mediation and conflict resolution. She is skilled at bringing divergent perspectives together and reconciling high-conflict groups and workplaces with the implementation of tangible, practical tools.

A passionate advocate for mental health, Patsy recognizes the importance of creating safe spaces and cultivating healthy environments within a workplace.

Patsy is actively involved in her community, and is past chair of the Criminal Code Review Board, and chair of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH)Foundation.


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