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Board Governance

We help boards of directors of non-profit and public sector organizations to be the best they can be! Boards have a legal and moral duty to OnTarget Board Memberthe organization. They represent the owners, members, or community. They set the direction and assure appropriate control over operations.

Individuals say yes to joining a board because they care about their community and the mission of the organization, and because they have skills and talents they believe will be useful to the board. Board members on nonprofit organizations mostly volunteer their time to do their governing job or in some cases are given a nominal fee or an honorarium. Regardless whether it is volunteer time or not, individuals who sit on boards are doing so in addition to all kinds of other commitments in their lives. It is critical that the time and talents of board members are used wisely, and in a way that adds value to the organization.

Carol Gabanna uses the principles of Policy Governance® to help boards answer questions such as:

  • Are we doing the right work? What is the board’s work, and what is the CEO’s role?
  • How can we really be sure the organization is performing as we hope it should be?
  • How do we bring new board members up to speed?
  • What information do we need to do our job effectively?
  • How do we keep board members continuously engaged?
  • How can we keep our board meetings focused and on time?

Carol is among the Canada’s leading experts in John Carver’s Policy Governance model. She brings simplicity and clarity to boards and CEOs and her services include:

  • Assessing current governance practices,
  • Leading governance workshops for board members,
  • Facilitating implementation of a comprehensive governance model,
  • Coaching for the board chair and CEO,
  • Consulting with boards regarding specific governance issues.

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