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Carol’s mission at HR Atlantic is to challenge and support our clients to improve their performance.

Carol has a talent for making the complex simple – she engages people quickly, and understands her client’s world. She provides facilitation for meetings where the results matter with no margin for error.

She works with senior executives to help plot their career path. She helps managers to prepare for difficult employee conversations, and advises business owners who need to concentrate on time management and future business planning, Carol also works with CEOs to develop their leadership competencies, and with employees – to help them work through conflict with colleagues.

She advises organizations to design and implement performance management systems, including training managers in performance management and communication skills.

Carol has a deep interest to make boards work better – to ensure that board members’ time and wisdom are used effectively, and to know that organizations are governed well and that boards and CEOs are accountable. She consults with boards and CEOS to teach them the Policy Governance® model and supports them to use it effectively.

She has served as a Board Member with the International Policy Governance Association.

Carol is a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University. She is an accredited practitioner of Insights® Discovery. Carol is a Licensed Trainer in the 5-5-5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ with Coaching Out of the Box®. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, and the International Policy Governance Association. Carol earned her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from UPEI in 1977.

Carol is co-author of The OnTarget Board Member: 8 Indisputable Behaviours, and The Policy Governance Fieldbook.

When she’s not coaching CEOs, you may find Carol simultaneously singing, and reading, all while cooking a gourmet meal.