A consortium was experiencing problems from lack of communication.

The Issue

A body with members from various levels of government was looking for clarity and understanding on roles within a consortium. The group was also experiencing other problems, as they met infrequently with constantly changing representatives and had a clear power imbalance between members. Some representatives were familiar with each other, while others were complete strangers. They were searching for an agreement on strategy and looking for a process by which they could measure their success as influencers within their community.

The Methodology

Surveys were conducted amongst the group prior to facilitation so everyone had a clear understanding of the problems at hand. Ground rules were introduced for conversation so members could safely express their thoughts and contribute to productive discussion. Through a series of large group discussions, small group discussions and one-one-one conversations, members were encouraged to learn from the other representatives in their consortium. Visual and auditory cues were also used to engage members throughout the sessions and create a clear visualization of ideas.

The Solution

Team dynamic improved as the day went on. The group established a debriefing protocol so that new or changing representatives could be brought up to date at the beginning of every meeting. They were successful in creating a plan to move forward and members left feeling they had gained clarity on their respective roles.The group was happy with the outcome and has become a regular client of HR Atlantic.