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Dec 20, 2012

Carol Gabanna

Get to your future . . . faster.


Now, at the end of one year and the beginning of another is a space…with room for you to pause.  Pausing to design your future can benefit you in three ways.  First, the future you create will serve as your focus when events seem to be out of your control.  Your designed future will help you make choices about where and how you spend your time.  And finally, the act of deliberately setting a goal for yourself will provide what your brain needs.  Focusing on outcomes instead of problems increases dopamine levels in the brain which leads to more insights.  You expand your possibilities for the future instead of narrowly focusing on what is wrong in the present – imagine the power in that!

I know that rolling around in your head are some goals, dreams, ideas that you want to bring to fruition in 2013.  I know that thoughtful reflection, either by yourself or with a coach, is useful.  I want to help you Get to your future…faster.  Here is a small planning tool with a few questions to guide your reflection.  Have fun with it!


Pausing to give appreciative feedback is the work of a leader.
A book I highly recommend: The Power of Pause by Nance Guilmartin


Get to your future…faster! With this planning tool (Click here to download)

Image of Get to your Future PDF

Executive Coaching is a series of confidential one-on-one conversation where you are the focus.  You will expand your personal capacity to have impact and to achieve extraordinary results. You will create your future and design and follow through on the actions needed to achieve that future. In our conversations you will address your challenges with relationships, processes and barriers. You will deepen your learning about yourself and what is required of you as a leader. I will be your thinking and accountability partner, supporting and challenging you – listening you into your future. For more information on coaching and how coaching could benefit you, contact Carol Gabanna at or 902-626-2530

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