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Customized Learning

HR Atlantic offers a wide range of customized learning workshops and tools to ensure that our clients’ workplaces will work better and smarter.

Our workshops are interactive, engaging, and have proven to result in tangible skill development that builds confidence and competence. The format allows opportunities for application through group case studies, individual exercises, and practice to easily apply the learning to the workplace.

At HR Atlantic, we customize each learning event with the client, their workplace, and their key issues as our guide. We only teach what we know really well and we bring that to each learning experience. We also leverage the knowledge and experience that is brought to the workshop by each participant. Our workshops typically accommodate groups of twenty supervisors, managers, and/or leaders from all levels of an organization.

Here is a small sample of HR Atlantic programming:

Performance Matters! A Skill Based Learning Series for Managers and Supervisors©

An interactive, learner focused, practical approach that addresses the day to day challenges of managing performance, as experienced by supervisors and managers in every workplace. This six workshop series is grounded in the belief that intentional discussions between an individual employee and his/her manager are the key strategy for successful in a workplace.

Performance Matters! A Bootcamp for Managers©

An intensive multi-day bootcamp experience designed to challenge and support all participants. Our popular bootcamp will focus on how you communicate with your staff to share expectations and feedback to problem-solve through tough issues. You will learn and practice the skills to:

  • Communicate performance expectations
  • Deliver performance feedback that works
  • Problem solve tough performance issues
The Engaging Trainer©

Great trainers are confident and engaging when sharing their topic-specific knowledge. Great trainers also understand how best to leverage the knowledge and learning power of the entire group. Upon completion of this two-day Train the Trainer workshop, participants will leave feeling knowledgeable, competent, and confident as an engaging trainer or presenter.

Managing in a Unionized Workplace

This series orients frontline supervisors and managers to the employer obligations under labour legislation and the collective agreement, and reviews essential people-management issues to be addressed with the collective agreement that is in place.

Performance Conversation Skills Series©

A progressive learning series developed to build the skills necessary to engage targeted and productive conversations around performance and behaviour at work. This series considers the impact of emotions and mental health on the workplace environment, and provides effective strategies for productive conversation while maintaining empathy and respect for the other person’s situation.

Mental Health and You at Work

A three hour workshop that has value for everyone in the workplace. The program includes discussion and review of actual case studies depicting real people who struggled at work with mental health issues. Participants will gain awareness of the impact of these issues in the workplace and learn how they can be helpful to a fellow employee who is struggling at work.

Coaching Licensed Trainer

5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™

This program is a must for managers looking to develop superior coaching skills. It can be delivered as a two-day workshop onsite, or in a series of modules accessed online. Managers will learn five key coaching skills, a five-step coaching process and the five underlying principles of successful coaching in the workplace.

Discovery Insights

The Insights® Discovery Personal Profile

A personal development tool which gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others. To receive the profile, individuals complete an evaluator tool. The result is a 20+ page profile that helps recipients to recognize and understand their personal style, and how this affects their relationships in both personal and professional environments. We use this valuable tool to help managers understand how better to manage their staff, and to help groups to work better as a team. Carol Gabanna is an accredited practitioner of Insights Discovery.

Our Experts:
Kathryn Coll, Carol Gabanna