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Executive Coaching

This program provides a rare opportunity for participants to think out loud with someone who is unbiased and non-judgemental, who has no vested interest, and no agenda – other than success. Executive Coaching provides a chance for participants to explore out loud what might be getting in the way of accomplishing goals, what success might look like, and what might be required in order to get there. A coach uses questions, reframing, summarizing, metaphors, stories, and feedback – in short, tools to facilitate insight and the creative process. Coaching is not advice giving – the coach’s role is to help participants uncover their own solutions, strategies and actions, not to provide ideas.

With coaching as a support to your learning and development, you, as a participant could:

  • Problem solve, for instance, figure out how to deal with a particular situation;
  • Receive objective feedback on your own performance;
  • Increase self-awareness about, for instance, your impact on others, or what gets in your way;
  • Increase your skill and confidence with communication; and/or
  • Develop action plans to enable you to achieve identified goals.
  • Coaching conversations are confidential on-on-one conversations between the client and the coach and are anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes.

Our Experts:
Carol Gabanna