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Intentional Discussions for Performance Management

Jan 13, 2009

Clients respond positively to new performance management model.  HRA’s Kathryn Coll and Carol Gabanna have updated our Performance Management training series, applying HRA’s Intentional Discussions model, which brings a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of performance management.

“I’m pleased with the Intentional Discussions Model” says Kathryn Coll.  “I’ve presented our basic performance management series many times over the years, and have always enjoyed seeing participants come to their own realization of the importance of communication, and their increasing comfort level in having performance conversations.  The Intentional Discussions model captures the key elements of performance mangement and keeps the focus where it needs to be – on people rather then pn forms.”

For more information about HRA’s Intentional Discussions performance management model, or performance management training series, contact Kathryn Coll or Carol Gabanna.

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