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Gifting ourselves

No, this isn’t about shopping for ourselves, but rather about giving of ourselves.  With the turn of another year upon us, it is good to reflect upon how we have made the lives of those around us better.

I am so proud of my colleagues at HRA who have given of their own time and efforts to their community.  In addition to the time and services we volunteer to professional and business organizations, my colleagues also contribute to the life of our community that do not have any connection with our work, such as:

  • a volunteer firefighter in training
  • an association that improves the safety of children with special needs
  • a foundation that funds legal aid access
  • a provincial sports association for young athletes

The gift of our time, that most precious, non-renewable, and inexorably diminishing resource, is among the most meaningful forms of generosity.  At HRA, we know people are indeed the most important asset of a community.  We applaud all those who give of themselves now, and throughout the year.