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HR Atlantic is pleased to welcome Jennifer Innis to our Halifax office.  Jennifer will continue to serve her clients across Atlantic Canada and the Northwest Territories.

Jennifer is a certified Conflict Management Practitioner, and holds other certificates in Change Management (ProSci), mediation and negotiations, and a Masters in Adult Education. She understands conflicts are as unique as the individuals involved in them. Facilitating collaborative and restorative approaches to conflict management, Jennifer works with clients to resolve conflicts and build healthy working relationships. Jennifer has extensive experience in conflict management, alternative dispute resolution, public policy, and conducting assessments and investigations into complex and highly sensitive workplace conflicts within the public and private sectors.

With over 20 years’ experience in the public sector, Jennifer has worked directly with senior levels in Provincial, Federal, Municipal, and Indigenous governments, regarding sensitive matters of workplace conflict, harassment, discrimination, physical and sexual assault, in-custody deaths,  government wrongdoing, and governance practices. Jennifer’s work with Indigenous peoples and communities and the law enforcement community has had a profound impact on her both personally and professionally, resulting in her seeking opportunities to continue providing a neutral and respectful approach to working collaboratively with these communities, and government. This work has shaped her approach as a third-party neutral, ensuring a high level of integrity, accountability, transparency, and sensitivity to her interactions with others. Jennifer is known for her strong interpersonal skills, collaborative approaches, and innovation.

Welcome, Jennifer!