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The Bridge to the Stars

People rarely achieve truly great feats by serendipity or happenstance. To achieve greatness we must first have great dreams.  Some people overlook the fact that we then need to set the goals and work to get there.    We would not have stumbled into space flight, or have human footprints in the lunar dust or have a Canadian in command of the International Space Station if countries, organizations and individuals did not have great dreams and set goals and commit to turning the dreams into reality.

April 12 is celebrated by space geeks (like me) around the world as Yuri’s Night, in commemoration of the first human to orbit the planet.  In the 52 years since his 108 minute flight, the world has changed, and many other great achievements have been made: the Apollo Missions, sending exploratory spacecraft to other planets and even beyond the solar system.  The potential for humanity to do great things is enormous, and the need for us to do great things for our planet, and for our communities, organizations and ourselves is equally enormous.  The bridge between potential and action; between dreams and reality is setting goals.  What is your dream?  What are your goals?

From dreams we all can learn, to dreams we must return, for dreams become reality

— C. Robinson, Anthem for International Space University ’88