“Their training style is focused on participation which engages the trainees and improves outcomes.”

— Halifax Water

Human Resource Development

Performance Accountability Systems

Performance accountability is at the heart of the health and success if any organization; our consultants help employers to establish clear expectations, accountability parameters, and follow-up procedures for their employees. We provide the documentation and systems required for effective performance tracking, as well as the guidance to help leaders implement changes and find success for their teams.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for clients to explore their own growth and development with an unbiased, supportive coach there to facilitate insight and creative development. Whether clients are looking to develop skills, achieve goals, or receive objective performance feedback, executive coaching provides an opportunity to cultivate targeted, solution-driven change.

Customized Learning

HR Atlantic offers a wide variety of customized learning opportunities to aid in the growth and development of managers, leaders and organizations. Our workshops are engaging, skill based and interactive, and are created to suit the development needs of a group. We utilize a variety of learning and teaching formats to cultivate tangible development, and enhancement of managerial and leadership skills.

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