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The process of performance management and the assurance of performance accountability is the essence of a manager’s role within any organization. The most basic functions of performance management involve the establishment of clear expectations for performance, and the engagement of targeted and continuing conversations with employees around their work and at-work behaviour. These conversations require solid communications skills and an ability to maneuver through some challenging topics and conversations.

When it comes to having difficult conversations surrounding performance management, manager cannot afford to ignore the issues or have gaps in communications.

HR Atlantic has developed a learning system to help all levels of management, from front-line supervisors and managers to CEOs, to develop and improve their skills to communicate clear expectations, to listen and truly hear the employee’s perspective, and to provide timely, ongoing feedback.

Our process can facilitate small or large groups of managers, or one-on-one coaching sessions.

Performance Accountability Systems

HR Atlantic designs performance accountability systems for organizations that not only provide the documentation that is necessary to track performance management, but also systems that encourage one-on-one communication about the performance topics that really matter, day to day.

Customized Learning

HR Atlantic offers a wide range of customized learning workshops to help our clients’ workplaces work better.

Executive Coaching

Imagine an opportunity for you to think out loud with someone who is unbiased and not judging, who has no vested interest, and who has no agenda – except your success.

Board Governance

We help boards of directors of non-profit and public sector organizations be the best they can be! Boards have a legal and moral duty to the organization. They represent the owners, members or community, set the direction and assure appropriate control over the operations.

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