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Respectful Workplace Complaints & Investigations

  • Have you received a formal complaint under your Respectful Workplace Policy?
  • Is there a harassment complaint that requires a formal investigation?
  • Do you need a neutral third party to conduct an investigation to ensure the sensitive matter remains confidential and internal perceptions are that it was resolved by an expert?

We are Atlantic Canada’s workplace investigation team. When conflicts arise in the workplace – whether allegations of harassment, complaints of team dysfunction or disruptive behaviours – our experienced team can assist to effectively address the matter and help the parties to move towards positive change.

Workplace Investigations that our team has conducted include:

  • Allegations of bullying or psychological harassment;
  • Allegations of sexual harassment;
  • Allegations of a hostile or toxic workplace;
  • Allegations of inappropriate behaviour; and
  • Allegations of discrimination.

We approach workplace investigations as a neutral and independent party. We ensure our process is fair. We carry out our work with sensitivity and want all parties involved to feel that they have been heard. We apply sound evidentiary principles, separating facts from feelings, and identify underlying issues honestly while maintaining confidentiality.

To resolve the issues and help the parties move forward, we work collaboratively to develop recommendations for remediation or resolution. Our work as HR consultants and workplace conflict experts equips us to pinpoint and address the issues. Our experience as managers and senior level executives in private sector companies and public sector institutions ensures our proposed solutions are practical for our clients’ organizations. We follow up with clients to assist in implementing changes, mediating dialogue, coaching employees and managers and facilitating difficult conversations.

Our consultants are trained and credentialed in workplace investigations. We have conducted workplace investigations for provincial government departments, Crown corporations, post-secondary education institutions, utilities companies and manufacturing companies across Canada.

Drawing on our experience and expertise, our workplace investigations identify underlying issues and our recommendations address these problems respectfully and effectively. We are committed to helping our clients build workplaces that are harmonious and productive environments for all.

Our Experts:
Kathryn Coll, Patsy MacLean, Emily MacDonald, Lyndsay MacDonald, Chris Montigny

Case Studies:
After Careful Investigation