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Right To Know

Sep 23, 2011

We live and work in a culture of information (In fact, given what people Right To Know Logosometimes share on the blogs or social networks, it is often the “Too Much Information” Age).  As employers, we collect a significant amount of information about employees through formal and informal channels. How we manage that information is reflective of corporate culture and attendance to best practices.

September 26-30 is Right To Know Week in Canada.  Its purpose is to raise awareness about people’s right to access government information while promoting freedom of information as essential to both democracy and good governance.  For general information about business, residents, youth and more, check out the links below:

Community Accounts, an innovative information system that provides users with a reliable source of community, regional and provincial data about the Province of Prince Edward Island and its people.
Annual Statistical Review provides comprehensive statistical information on the economic and social situation of the Province of Prince Edward Island.
Public Archives and Records Office
Public Library Service
These are also linked from PEI Government website

We think this is an important opportunity to consider the right to know not only what information public bodies gather, but also to consider what information employees have the right to know in the workplace.  We hope you get the information you need reading HRA’s In the Know.

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