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Since you asked… about Executive Coaching

Jun 30, 2011

by Carol GabannaCoaching

Executive Coaching is an emerging profession, both within organizations and with external coaches. Organizations are discovering that coaches enhance the leadership capacities of key staff and managers from within the organization’s culture. External coaches typically work with business leaders to focus on a particular challenge or question.

Executive Coaching is a great fit for HRA because it really is about helping our clients improve their people practices. As noted by the Harvard Business Review, “the goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.” We know people have the internal knowledge and talent to address their challenges, but sometimes they need help focusing, and seeing the issue from new perspectives. An executive coach provides this support.

I selected the Royal Roads University’s Executive Coaching program because of the world- renowned reputation of the program, the quality of the faculty and the values this program promotes. It has been a challenging, and energizing experience to further hone my facilitation and coaching skills. I’ve been so impressed with the caliber of the instructors and my classmates, and I’m excited by the prospect of earning recognition of my abilities through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Most importantly, I find it incredibly rewarding to bring a further added value to my relationships with clients, and particularly to my coaching clients, who tell me that through our interaction, they have found solutions and successfully made changes they could not have done without this help.

Here’s what one coaching client had to say – “…I know the time I spent with you on the coaching call was the most profound professional experience I have ever had. If I had not been a fan of coaching, I would have been sold on the process simply by that call. I will be proactive in encouraging colleagues to undertake the experience.”

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