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Why I love snow days

Jan 27, 2011

While my wonderful daughters look forward to snow days as an unexpected holiday, I love snow days because the unexpected change to my scheduled events of the day suddenly create newly found time.  Suddenly, items that have been languishing on my desk are given attention, business development projects that always get pushed to the side in favour of immediate client needs are given new life, and within a few hours, I can see that my desk is actually made out of wood.  My productivity soars, I catch up on correspondence, tidy up files.  Ironically, a weather event over which I have no control gives me an opportunity to regain more control over the pace and direction of my work.

The break from the routine, the opportunity to step back (just a half step) from the tightly scheduled day to survey priorities and values and realign resources is refreshing and re-energizing.  Maybe I should stop hoping for snow days to give me these moments of clarity, and build into my schedule (both work and personal) time — not to stop and take a breath, but to appreciate the true value of time, how much more we can do with it when we know it is as precious, and fleeting as a snow day.

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