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Workplace Assessment

  • Have you ever wondered how to address issues in your workplace before a formal complaint has been made?
  • Do you struggle to connect with and gather information from your employees about their concerns?
  • Are you interested in a proactive approach to identifying the root cause of conflicts and issues arising in your workplace that will assist in the resolution of those conflicts?

If these questions resonate with you, your organization may benefit from a workplace assessment. Increasingly organizations see the value of using workplace assessments or reviews to identify issues in the workplace and develop solutions before the issues become more serious and disruptive. A workplace assessment is a process whereby employees and managers within an organization are invited to share their perceptions of the work environment and identify any concerns. Individual data is collated, organized into themes and then shared in a manner that protects individual confidentiality. A workplace assessment will provide data that identifies what is working effectively in an organization and what is not. Our consultants are then able to provide practical recommendations to address challenges and position the parties for positive change.

Our team is experienced in conducting workplace assessments for small and large organizations or departments, in the private sector and in the public or quasi-public sectors. Our ability to understand people and behaviours and the dynamics that develop in the workplace is grounded in our personal experience as leaders and managers in private and public sector organizations, responsible for leading teams to achieve organizational goals.

When we conduct a workplace assessment, we ensure that people feel they have been legitimately heard, and that they can trust us with their information. Our sound methodology ensures that leaders have a high quality report of the assessment and that recommendations are practical and relevant to each unique situation.

Our Experts:
Kathryn Coll, Patsy MacLean, Carol Gabanna, Emily MacDonald