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How Healthy is Your Workplace?

Identifying the symptoms of an unhealthy workplace is a good place to start in determining whether further investigation and potential change is needed. Do any of the following apply to your workplace?

12 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Workplace

High or accelerating rates of absenteeism
High or accelerating employee turnover or loss of talented staff
Allegations of harassment or bullying
Low productivity
Ineffective meetings
Signs of mistrust
Signs of disengagement or low morale
High level of employee complaints or grievances
Unexplained loss of customers
High levels of negative conflict
Significant or increasing employee mental or physical health challenges

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, let’s chat about your organization. We would be pleased to help you identify the root cause, address the problem and find ways to make your workplace a healthy and productive environment for all.

The health of an organization is critical to its success and sustainability. To survive, an organization must have technical competencies. To thrive however, an organization must also be healthy. Organizational health is the multiplier of its employees’ talent and potential; the healthier an organization, the more of its employees’ talent it can draw out and utilize. On the other hand, in an unhealthy workplace, employees’ potential can be squandered and valuable resources are wasted. Furthermore, unhealthy work environments can have negative implications spreading beyond the workplace.