Let’s Work it Out

We’re all about fostering and maintaining sustainable relationships to build a better workplace.

About HR Atlantic

HR Atlantic has been effecting positive change in workplaces throughout the Atlantic provinces and across Canada since 1998. We apply the cumulative depth of our experience and expertise to solve the unique and often complex workplace problems of businesses, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations. Our team’s focus is labour relations, workplace investigations, workplace assessments and conflict assessments and resolution. 

Law and HR in perfect harmony

Sometimes you really need the services of a dedicated HR firm, and sometimes, the advice of a workplace legal team is required. Our integrated approach means you’ll always have access to the right mix of expertise to solve whatever workplace issues you face, no matter how complex.

Let our team help yours

Our strength shines through in our team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals. We’ll always assign the right mix of talent and experience to guide your people through their most complex workplace problems. To do this effectively, we wear many hats; strategic planner, trusted counsel, facilitator, investigator, chief negotiator, mediator, arbitrator, and executive coach. Some situations can be handled wearing one hat, while many require  several.

Sure, we’ve built a team with an impressive list of credentials and relevant experience, but it still comes down to the things you don’t see on paper – our people-first mindset, with a deep understanding of interpersonal engagement. That’s where we really shine.

Our Team

Our Clients

Our clients look to us for support and guidance to build workplaces that reflect their values and provide individuals with a respectful and rewarding work experience. They listen to our advice, follow our recommendations, and ultimately reap the rewards. They also tell others – and that has become the cornerstone of our success since 1998. Our clients are Federal and Provincial governments, Territorial governments, universities and colleges, healthcare institutions, private businesses and not for profit organizations. 

We’ve evolved our practice to best serve the needs of employers – in both the public and private sectors throughout Canada. We believe that this approach is in the best interest of our clients, and based on our results, they wholeheartedly agree.

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