After Careful Investigation

The Issue

A harassment complaint had been filed under the Employer’s Respectful Workplace Policy. The Employer had limited internal HR capacity and turned to a consultant on our team to act as the investigator for the complaint.

The Methodology

We ensured that all of the steps of the investigation complied with the Employer’s policy. We also made sure that proper notice and proper documentation was provided to all of the parties involved including the Respondent in order to avoid a grievance being filed regarding the investigation process.

Interviews with the Complainant, the Respondent and witnesses were planned and executed in a manner that respectfully uncovered the facts of the matter. Our experience conducting interviews ensured that we had the support and documentation needed to support our eventual findings.

Our consultant conducted the investigation with respect for the workplace and the confidentiality of all involved.

The Solution

At the conclusion of the investigation, the employer was provided with a comprehensive report detailing the Complainants accusations and the Respondents response, as well as relevant corroborating information from witnesses. The report provided findings of fact on the matter, referenced relevant statues and case law, and provided practical recommendations for the employer.

The client was relieved to have an expert third party handle the matter and was able to focus on implementing the appropriate measures with the parties to the complaint as well as within the organization in order to prevent similar incidents arising in the future.