“We were all very impressed with your tact and diplomacy throughout the process. I would gladly sit alongside you at a bargaining table any day of the week.”

— P.Y., Dept. Manager

Labour Relations

Collective Bargaining

For the past twenty years HR Atlantic has been assisting employers in meeting their collective bargaining objectives. Our extensive experience allows us to provide leadership and guidance to employers in engaged in collective bargaining. Our seasoned negotiators employ proven methodologies and strategic thinking to each unique situation, tailoring solutions that fit each client at that moment.

Since 1998, our team has represented a wide variety of clients from a range of sectors including, healthcare, education, the public service, residential care, construction, manufacturing and food processing.

Dispute Resolution

Our labour relations consultants help to assess, prepare and represent cases for arbitration to resolve collective agreement disputes.

Labour Relations Advice

Successful labour relations must also involve the review of policies and procedures for collective agreements, and work to strengthen the relationship between organizations and their employees. Our consultants help clients to evaluate labour challenges and develop targeted, effective solutions.

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