Chris is a partner at HR Atlantic, who advises our clients on labour negotiations, labour relations, arbitrations and general employment issues.

Chris Montigny

Partner / Consultant

A skilled attorney in labour relations and negotiations, Chris works to provide sustainable and impactful solutions to workplace issues. He helps clients find resolutions that support their interests while maintaining positive work relationships.

Chris has an extensive background in advocacy and litigation, and has been actively working in dispute resolution since 2001. His collaborative approach and advocacy background are also effective in labour negotiations and this bring a robust, comprehensive perspective to his practice. He has acted as chief spokesperson for a number of public and private sector employers in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Chris received his Doctor of Laws (J.D.) from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Chris is active in his community and is currently a member of Canadian Association of Counsel for Employers. In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time with his three daughters, as well as running, reading and keeping up with the Toronto Blue Jays.


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