Based in Nova Scotia, Jennifer uses her many years of investigation and conflict resolution experience to help clients overcome workplace challenges.

Jennifer Innis


Jennifer understands conflicts are as unique as the individuals involved in them. Throughout her 25+ year career, Jennifer’s practice has evolved and shifted, embracing more restorative processes and approaches to conflict management. Her approach is client-centered and trauma informed, which helps foster healthy and respectful work relationships and spaces. This approach allows her to work with clients in a more collaborative and holistic way in order to find appropriate solutions to challenging, complex, and sensitive issues.

With over 20 years’ experience in the public sector, Jennifer has worked directly with senior levels in Provincial, Federal, Municipal, and Indigenous governments, regarding sensitive matters of workplace culture, conflict, harassment, discrimination, sexual and physical violence in the workplace, in-custody deaths, government wrongdoing, and public policy. This work has shaped her approach as a conflict management practitioner, ensuring a high level of integrity, accountability, transparency, and sensitivity to her interactions with others. Jennifer is known for her strong interpersonal skills, collaborative approaches, and innovation.

Jennifer strongly believes in the benefits of being a lifelong learner. She is a Certified Conflict Management Practitioner, holds a Masters in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University, and certificates in mediation, negotiations, and change management (ProSci). Jennifer is currently working towards her certification in conflict coaching.

When not working, Jennifer can be found exploring nature, painting, practicing yoga, and enjoying time with her family.


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