Kathryn is our Managing Partner and workplace conflict lead, helping clients across Canada find solutions to their toughest issues.

Kathryn Coll

Managing Partner / Consultant

As HR Atlantic’s Managing Partner, Kathryn excels at supporting organizations through various forms of conflict within their workplaces. She has a passion for conflict resolution which stems in part from her natural ability to listen while making others feel heard. Kathryn has over 30 years of hands-on experience resolving complex workplace issues within both the public and private sector, from PEI to the Northwest Territories.

Kathryn’s diverse experience and passion for sustainable workplace relationships enables her to bring clarity and fair resolution to interpersonal and workplace conflicts of all shapes and sizes. She works directly with all parties as they navigate the complex process of moving beyond existing conflict and into possible resolution. In addition to her work in conflict resolution, Kathryn also has extensive experience performing workplace assessments and conducting investigations related to allegations of harassment, discrimination, unfair treatment, and abuse of authority pursuant to applicable policies and legislation.

Kathryn’s former leadership roles in labour relations and human resources (and her twenty years of subsequent consulting experience assisting public and private organizations across Canada) have given her valuable insight into workplace behaviour and proven knowledge of the strategies required to affect behavioural change. She understands that people are complex, that change is hard, and that long term change requires sustained effort.

Kathryn began her career with a business degree from Acadia University and a Master’s of Industrial Relations from Queens. She has continued to refine her skill set by becoming a Certified Workplace Investigator, a Certified Workplace Mental Health educator, and a CMHA Psychological Health & Safety Advisor. Kathryn recently attained the CPHR designation in recognition of her years of experience.

When not working, Kathryn enjoys time with her family at the cottage, reading, walking and yoga.


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